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Gun Country is an ongoing, multi-format project that reboots the conversation about guns in America.

Gun Country weaves together news, storytelling, dialog and advocacy, to explore the hold guns have on us, and to amplify efforts to reduce gun violence.


A selection of stories or opinions to help you navigate the world's most well-armed society. Updated regularly.

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Gun Policy in America. 

An exhaustive meta-analysis from the non-partisan RAND Corporation analyzed thousands of studies to examine the effects of gun laws. The study suggests some less-than-surprising results; laws limiting children's access to firearms can reduce deaths, while concealed-carry and stand-your-ground laws can result in more violence.


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HEAR the trailer for Half-Cocked, a speculative fiction podcast about a self-assured gun lobbyist whose life careens off the tracks, threatening to topple the entire gun industry. This fictional story is bolstered by factual commentary, giving stakeholders in the gun debate a voice.

GO DEEPER: Watch Warren Burger's takedown of the gun lobby, as featured in the Half-Cocked trailer, and learn how fellow former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens would amend the Second Amendment.


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